due to renovation, we do not take cars to repair
Λόγω της ανακαίνισης δε δεχόμαστε οχήματα για σέρβις
в связи с реконструкцией не принимаем машины в сервис

Calculation of car painting and repair

Estimated calculation of car body repair
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Advantages and guarantees

Phinistcarrepair - this is a company that produces a complete body repair of cars. Our specialists they have extensive experience in the restoration work of machines of various models, while they use only advanced equipment. This helps to achieve excellent quality, we are proud of the high level of service to our customers. Moreover, we have our own warehouse with spare parts, you can estimate the cost of repairs even by photo, you do not have to go specifically for this.

Warranty - 2 years
Repair of any complexity
Cost estimation
by photo On-line
Own coloristics laboratory
We will pick up and return your car from your home or office
There is an opportunity to get a replacement car for the time of your repair!

How we work with body repair and painting

Application and preliminary inspection

After your application, we make a preliminary inspection by photo or in our service

We accept cars for work

We sign a contract for repair work and accept the car

Doing the necessary work

We are doing all the necessary work to eliminate defects and breakdowns

We rent a made car

We hand over the car in a ready condition


The main factor affecting the cost of repair is the nature of the damage to the body. The more serious the damage, the higher the cost of repair. It's one thing to do the straightening of a small dent, it's another thing to align the wing, crumpled as a result of getting into an accident. As a rule, the cost of eliminating micro-damage starts at 200 rubles, while for the removal of serious consequences you will have to pay at least 2000 rubles, that is 10 times more. The cost of body repair is formed by the need to install and remove the damaged element, its painting and polishing, the need to carry out work on the slipway, as well as welding.

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Результат был отличный – машина приобрела прежний вид
Результат был отличный – машина приобрела прежний вид
Недавно пришлось обратиться в сервис для небольшого кузовного ремонта. Не заметил бордюр, и как итог – несколько сколов и вмятина на Kia sportage. Выбрал центр ремонта кузова «Кузовной». Ребята оперативно справились с задачей. Результат был отличный – машина приобрела прежний вид, может даже и лучше стала выглядеть. Теперь знаю, куда обращаться в случае чего…но езжу теперь аккуратнее.
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